Shark Tank: 2 of 3

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FRONT & CENTER WITH JACQUIE JORDAN. Shark Attack 001 (Second segment of three)
**As seen on KTLA and FOX 5 San Diego**

Host Jacquie Jordan, co-hosts Phillip Andrew Barbb and Stephanie Cobian introduce Front & Center where they will be talking with change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact.

Shark Tank Podcast, Episode 2 of 3: Jacquie, Phil and Stephanie discuss their favorite moments of Shark Tank with behind-the-scenes Margo Romero, Emmy Winning Team Member of Shark Tank for Casting. Margo is also an Emmy Nominated Editor for The Empowerment Project. The Empowerment Project is about extraordinary women doing extraordinary things and our hosts dive into the process of what goes stays and what goes when working with an important project with a huge message with Margo.

Join us for our next podcast as we talk with Krista Parkinson, former William Morris Agent who worked with Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest and is CEO of My Grads Get Jobs.

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