Front & Center Podcast

with Jacquie Jordan

Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan

This is the show where we talk about the change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact, now “Front & Center.” 


Meet Our


Jacquie Jordan

Two-Time Emmy Nominated TV Producer, New York Times Bestselling Publisher and Three-Time Published Author

Stephanie Cobian

Producer, Writer, Coordinator and VP of Media Services at TVGuestpert

Phillip Andrew Barbb

Two-Time Emmy Nominated Reality Television Producer, author of the coming book, I Hate My 28-Year Old Boss

Recent Episodes

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Shark Attack - 1 of 3

Jacquie Jordan, Phillip Andrew Barbb and Stephanie Cobian introduce the show and share a little bit about themselves​.

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Shark Attack - 2 of 3

Jacquie, Phil and Stephanie dig deep with Margo Romero, Emmy Winning Team Member of Shark Tank, about the pitching process for entrepreneurs and their products. ​

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Shark Attack - 3 of 3

Jacquie, Phil and Stephanie talk Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest with former William Morris Agent Krista Parkinson.​

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