FRONT & CENTER WITH JACQUIE JORDAN: Awakening the Fifth Dimension WITH Kimberly Meredith


**As seen on KTLA 5 Los Angeles and FOX 5 San Diego** 

Host Jacquie Jordan talks with the change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact on Front & Center. 

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Medical Intuition: Jacquie Jordan follows up with Kimberly Meredith, Medical Intuitive-Healer, from her original interview on February 7th, 2020. Kimberly shares her updated stories since Covid hit the world, her newest book “Awakening to the Fifth Dimension” and the future of healing. Kimberly Meredith.

Kimberly is not just a Medical Intuitive but also a Trance Channeler, Psychic Surgeon, Hands-on Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

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