Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan 004 – The Business of Business 2 of 4

FRONT & CENTER WITH JACQUIE JORDAN. 004 The Business of Business (Second segment of four)

**As seen on KTLA 5 Los Angeles and FOX 5 San Diego**

Host Jacquie Jordan (two-time Emmy nominated TV Producer, three-time author, New York Times bestselling author), co-hosts Phillip Andrew Barbb (two-time Emmy nominated TV Producer, author) and Stephanie Cobian (TV Producer, writer, Production Coordinator) speak with the change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact.

The Business of Business – Segment 2 of 4: Jacquie Jordan and her co-hosts Phillip Andrew Barbb and Stephanie Cobian go into depth on the Business of Business with Amy Johnson, Company Integrator of the Amy Johnson Company. They discuss what values, transparency, and growth consumers expect from business owners. Following segments in this series include discussion of what it takes for women to be in positions of power with Lisa Beutel, Ph.D. (Leadership Executive) and what personal growth steps business owners can make with Monique Evans (Personal Business Coach).

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