Get your Freq ON! Would Frequency Medicine be the answer for parasites like RFK Jr’s Brainworm?


Get your Freq ON! Would Frequency Medicine be the answer for parasites like RFK Jr’s Brainworm? 

Host Jacquie Jordan, TV Producer, Three-Time Author, and NYT Bestselling Publisher, speaks with the change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact on Front & Center. 

In this Episode of “Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan,” Two-Time Emmy Nominated Television Producer & New York Times Best Selling Publisher speaks frequencies with David Wong, “The Frequency Expert.” David is a best selling author (Life of Qi), visionary inventor, inspiration speaker, martial artist, qi gong practitioner and entrepreneur. They discuss Frequency Medicine, Parasites, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Coils, Electromagnetic Spectrum, and RIFE Machines. 

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Music: Soak It In by Christine Gordon 

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