Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan – Unmasking the Mask


Unmasking the Mask

Host Jacquie Jordan, TV Producer, Three-Time Author, and NYT Bestselling Publisher, speaks with the change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact on Front & Center.

Jacquie is joined by Kevin Stillwagon, a retired chiropractor & retired Delta Air Lines Captain. Dr. Kevin Stillwagon is the Vice President of, where he fights to ensure that face mandates never happen again. She is also joined by Dr. Philip Buckler, US Army Dentist & author of, “The Book on Masks: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Manipulative Psychology, Malformed Philosophy, and Misrepresented Science that Supercharged a Global Hysteria.” You can find out more about Philip Buckler at and

Together, they review the many mask mandates that took place among the public, the masks effectiveness, and if something like this could happen again.

Show Soundbites with Dr. Philip Buckler:

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