China & Russia dropped the US Dollar: Is Decentralized Digital Currency the Answer?


China & Russia dropped the USA Dollar: Is Decentralized Digital Currency the Answer? 

Host Jacquie Jordan, TV Producer, Three-Time Author, and NYT Bestselling Publisher, speaks with the change agents, storytellers, and activators behind the scenes making impact on Front & Center. 

In this Episode of “Front & Center with Jacquie Jordan,” Two-Time Emmy Nominated Television Producer & New York Times Best Selling Publisher speaks to GenX Brothers & Business Partners Marcus & Kurt Zendzian of NVRLand Labs & Studios about the fact that Decentralized Digital Currency is already here and in operations, even if it’s not in full adaptation. Zendzian’s also discuss Digital Currency, Crypto Currency, Bitcoin, NFT’s, Gaming Tokens, & NFT Chipped Collectibles – their expertise and business. 

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